Credit Notes and Refunds

Table of Contents

Credit Notes #

MyHallWizard does not have the concept of Credit Notes, but it is possible to achieve the same thing by issuing an invoice for a negative amount.

  1. In the Invoices module, use New Invoice to create a new invoice to the customer. Select a range of dates such that no bookings will be added to the invoice. This will create a blank invoice for the customer.
  2. Use Add Invoice Line to add lines to the Invoice, as required. Enter the Amount as a negative figure.
  3. Send the Invoice in the usual way.

When payments are entered into the system, the negative invoice will be considered as a credit, reducing the amount that needs to be paid.

Refunds #

Refunds can be entered into the system as a Payment with a negative Amount. Make sure you have created a negative Invoice for the amount of the refund first (see above).


  • You may need to manually adjust any allocations the system makes when entering payments to ensure the payment is allocated how you need.
  • You can use the Statement of Account and the other financial reports in the Reports module to keep track of your customers’ accounts.