Personalising your invoices for your customer

In invoice settings, some fields on your invoice can be personalised for your customer. This also applies to the template for emailing the invoice.

Personalising is easy – you simply include a special code in the text. For example,

Dear [Invoice_Name]

will address your invoice to the person who will receive the invoice. When the invoice is generated, this will be replaced by, for example,

Dear John Smith

Here is a list of the codes you can use:

[Name]The name of the customerArt Group
[Contact_Name]The name of the contact for the customerJohn Smith
[Invoice_Name]The name of the person to whom the invoice is being sentJane Doe
[Invoice_Dt]The date of the invoice22 Sep 2020
[Invoice_No]The invoice number1
[Due_Dt]The date payment is due5 Dec 2020
[Amount]The total amount due. Note: this does not show any currency symbol45.68
[User_Name]The name of the current userNick Roberts
[Venue_Name]The name of your venueDakeford Church Hall