Set up Invoices and Payments

Before you use Invoicing or Payments for the first time, the Venue Account Owner or a Venue Administrator must set up your invoice template and payment methods.

Watch this video or read the instructions below to find out how.

Click the Go to Invoice Settings button to enter the Invoice Settings page.

You can also change your Invoice Settings at any time from your venue’s menu in the navigation bar.

Once in the Invoice Settings page you can customise your invoices and the payment methods you accept from your customers.

The Invoice Settings card allows you to customise the content of your invoice and also describe the various payment methods. Read on to learn about the different settings.

Once you have modified your settings, you can click the Preview Invoice button at the bottom of the card. This will show you an example of your invoice template.

Then, when you are happy with its appearance, click Save Changes.

Note: Even if you don’t change any settings, please click Save Changes the first time you go into Invoice Settings. This will enable you to issue invoices and record payments.

Venue Logo #

You can choose a file to use as the venue logo. The venue logo needs to be large enough to print well on your invoicesy. We suggest a minimum height of 150 pixels. The logo must be in JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF format and no larger than 512KB.

Name and Address Settings #

The contact details for the venue are displayed in the top right hand corner of the invoice.

The venue name and address are taken from the Venue Settings which you entered when setting up your account with HallWizard. If you need to change them, please go to the Venue Settings option from your venue’s menu in the navigation bar.

You can optionally show a telephone number and email address on the invoice. These were provided by the account owner when registering with HallWizard. We only recommend showing them if they are the same as the details you advertise for hall users to contact you.

If you want to change the phone number or the email address, please go to the User menu in the navigation bar and select My Profile. Remember, if you change the email address, next time you use MyHallWizard you will need to use the newly saved email address on the login screen.

Text at the top and bottom of the invoice #

You can add text to the top and bottom of the invoice from the invoice settings.

For example, you might use the text to greet the customer, to thank them for their custom, or to give additional information about your venue, such as company registration details or VAT number.

Here is where the text is added to the invoice.

You can set the text up to include the name of the customer or their contact, the amount due, the invoice or due dates, the invoice number, or the user and venue name (e.g. for a closing salutation). Click here for instructions how to do this.

Payment Methods #

The settings screen allows you to record which payment methods you accept. Default options include cash, cheque and bank transfer. You can record one other payment method as well, which you need to name.

For example, if we accept bank transfers and credit cards only, we would set this up like this.

Depending which payment method you select, you will be asked for any further information.

Cash / Cheques #

If you accept cheques, you need to state to whom your customer should make their cheque payable.

You can also provide instructions about how to make the cash or cheque payment. For example, “Please post cash and cheque payments in an envelope through the office letter box.”

Bank Transfer #

For bank transfers, you need to provide the name of the bank, the sort or bank code, your account number and account name. You can also give special instructions, for example, “Please use the invoice number as your payment reference.”

Other payment methods #

If you set up an “other” payment method, please enter instructions of how to pay using that method.

How is this shown on the invoice #

Once you have set up the payment methods on the setting screen, it is shown on the invoice like this:

Email settings #

When you create an invoice, one option you have is to email it to the customer. To make this easy, you can set up a template for the email.

We have already set up an email template for you. All you need to do is to review the template we have created and change it as you see fit. Of course, if you do not want an email template, you can delete it by clearing the contents of these two fields.

You may have noticed the various codes in the default email template. These help ensure each email is personal to the customer. Find out about these codes.