Inviting users to your account

Many venues will have more than one person who needs to use MyHallWizard.  For example, there may be a Bookings Administrator, but also there may be a Deputy to cover while the Administrator is on holiday.  Other venues may want to give their Treasurer access to download financial reports.

As a Venue Account Owner or Venue Administrator, you can add additional users to your account by going to venue’s menu in the navigation bar and selecting Users.

This will take you to the Users screen

To invite an additional user for your venue, enter their user email address and choose what role you want them to have.

Mostly you will want to select Bookings Administrator – they can perform the day-to-day tasks of running the venue in MyHallWizard, but cannot change any of the settings or invite new users. If you want someone else to be able to change your settings, choose Venue Administrator. And if you have committee members who need to be able to see your data, but not change it, select Read Only.

Now click the Add button.

The invited user will receive an email including a link to sign up for MyHallWizard and a second link to use to accept the invitation if they are already a registered user.  When they sign up using the link, the system will match them to your venue.  They only need to give their personal details and agree our terms and conditions.