How can I charge different prices for some customers?

When you first set up your venue in MyHallWizard, a price list called Standard Rates is set up for you.  This records the normal prices you charge for your rooms.  However, you may wish to charge some of your customers differently.  For example, if you have negotiated specific prices with a customer, or you want to offer a discount to some customers.

Venue Account Owners and Venue Administrators can do this by setting up new Price Lists.

Click on your venue name in the navigation bar and select Price Lists.

This will take you to a screen listing your price lists.

Now select New Price List, and you will be able to give your new price list a name and enter prices for each room.

  • If a price list applies to a single customer only, it is a good idea to name it the same as the customer (e.g. Art Group). If it could apply to many customers, then give it a more generic name (e.g. 10% Discount, or Local Residents’ Rates).
  • Room prices can be specified per hour or per session.  If you choose per session, then the room is charged the fixed amount regardless of how long the booking is.

Once you have set up a new price list, you are able to select it within the Edit Customer or New Customer screen.  New bookings after this will be charged according to the new price list.

Note: if you want to charge a different rate for a specific booking only, it is better to enter the agreed amount directly on the booking itself rather than creating a new price list.