Export Invoices to Xero

You can export invoices from MyHallWizard to Xero. This is a two step process:

  1. Export invoices from MyHallWizard to a CSV file
  2. Import the CSV file into Xero

Note: Exports to Xero is not available to customers on the Free Tier. Please subscribe to access this function.

When you export invoices to Xero, each invoice line is sent separately, ensuring that Xero has the full information from your invoice available to it.

If you export invoices to Xero, you can either issue and send the invoice from MyHallWizard or from Xero. Issuing it from Xero is particularly useful if you need to charge VAT, as MyHallWizard does not currently issue VAT invoices.

We recommend that if you export invoices to Xero, you should track payments and manage your credit control within Xero rather than MyHallWizard. At present, there is no facility to send payment records back to MyHallWizard, but we plan to include this when we implement a full integration in 2022.

1. Export bookings to a CSV file #

  1. In the Reports module, select Sales Invoice Export to Xero in the Data Exports section of the page.

2. At the top of the report, select the date range you wish to export and which invoice statuses to incude, then click Apply Filter.

3. Once you have selected the data you wish to export, click the CSV button to export the data. This will generate a CSV file in your Downloads folder.

2. Import the CSV file into Xero #

Please see the instructions at https://central.xero.com/s/article/Import-customer-invoices-UK#3ImportthefileintoXero to learn how to import the CSV file into Xero.