Why can’t I send my email?

The MyHallWizard application sends many emails to customers on behalf of each of our different venues. In order to maintain a reliable delivery service, it is important we minimise the number of bounced emails and also that we don’t send emails to customers who don’t wish to receive them.

Emails can bounce for a number of different reasons. They are categorised as “hard bounces”, which are persistent email delivery failures, for example, when the mailbox does not exist or a mailbox persistently rejects an email, and “soft bounces”, which are a temporary email delivery failures such as the mailbox is full or the connection times out. When a soft bounce occurs, our email system tries multiple times to deliver the email before finally timing out.

Complaints occur when the recipient presses the “Mark as Spam” button or reports the email to their Internet Service Provider.

If we receive a bounce notification or a complaint, we will always tell you.

In the case of hard bounces and complaints, and in some other circumstances, a block is placed on the email address to prevent further emails being sent to this address, and you will be notified if you try to send an email to this address. There are other checks we do before sending emails, such as making sure the email address is correctly formatted (e.g. it doesn’t have spaces in it), and that the domain name exists and is configured to receive emails.

What should I do if MyHallWizard won’t allow me to send the email, if there is a bounce or a complaint? #

The first thing to do, is to check the email address is correct. Look very hard for any typing errors in it, and check it with your customer.

In the event of a complaint, you should contact your customer to find out why there had been a complaint, and ask if they still wish to receive emails from you. We suggest you do this in writing, as we will ask you to produce evidence of this before we can remove the block. You should let the customer know that the email comes from no-reply@hallwizard.com and suggest they add this address to their address book.

Once you have confirmed the email address and you are certain the customer is happy to receive emails from us, please email support@hallwizard.com, together with your evidence, to have the block removed.

All this is a bit of a nuisance #

We know this is a bit of a nuisance. Most emails get through to their recipient without any trouble, but it is vital you know if your email is not delivered.

We are obliged by our email service provider to manage bounces and complaints carefully. If we didn’t do this, we would find many of our emails rejected by recipient servers, and in the worst case, we could find the whole email service turned off,. Then you wouldn’t be able to send any emails from MyHallWizard at all!