Mark an invoice as paid

MyHallWizard allows you to record Payments against invoices, so that you can easily track which invoices have been paid.  The Payments screen can be reached in two ways:

  1. From an unpaid invoice, either on a list of invoices or by opening the invoice itself
  2. From the Payments module

Once the full amount of an invoice has been recorded, the invoice is marked as Paid and can no longer be edited.

To mark an invoice as paid, go to Payments in the main menu and select New Payment. Enter the details of the payment.

Recording a payment from an unpaid invoice #

This is the easiest method to record a single payment is received for a specific invoice.

Click on the Invoices item in the navigation module, or look at the Invoices tab at the bottom of a Booking or a Customer record.  If an invoice is awaiting payment, there will be a Payment button next to it.

Alternatively, display the invoice itself on the screen.

Click the Payment button to display the payment dialog.

Enter the required data

AmountThe amount of the payment.  To make life easier, this field is initially set to the amount owing on the invoice, but you can change it if you have received a different amount.  If the amount received is greater than the amount owing, you would need to enter it using the Payments module rather than this method
Payment MethodThis is an optional field to record the method of payment.  The possible values you can choose in this field is dependant on the payment methods you accept, and can be configured under Invoice Settings
DateThe date you received the payment.  This field defaults to today.  You cannot set a date in the future.

When you click Save, the payment will be recorded.  If the full amount of the invoice has now been recorded, the status of the invoice will change to Paid.

Recording a payment from the Payments module #

This method must be used when a payment covers multiple invoices.  It is recommended to use this method if you are recording multiple payments at one time.

Enter the Payments module by selecting Payments from the navigation bar, then click the New Payment button.

Select the Customer who has made the payment, then enter the various details.

When you enter the amount paid, it will be allocated automatically against the unpaid invoices, oldest first. You can change how the payment is allocated manually.

Finally, click Save to save the payment.