Importing Customer Data

Venue Account Owners can import customer data from an Excel spreadsheet.  This is useful for loading customer data in bulk, or to migrate data from your old booking system.

To access the Import function, choose Customers from the main navigation bar at the top of the page, then click the Import button.  (Note: only the Venue Account Owner can import data.  If you do not see the Import button, you should contact your Venue Account Owner and ask them to perform the import for you)

You need to prepare your data in a spreadsheet prior to import.  The spreadsheet should have a single worksheet (tab) only, and must be saved as a .XLSX or .XLS file.

The first row of the spreadsheet is for column headers.  These must be as shown in the table below.  The remaining rows contain the data for your customers – one row for each customer.  You are allowed to import up to 100 customers at once – if you need to import more, please split your data across multiple spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet should have the following columns.  You will notice that these are the same fields as you complete when adding a New Customer manually.

HeadingMandatory / OptionalNotes
NameMandatoryName of group or person.

The Name needs to be unique in your Venue Account – you must not already have a Customer set up with the same Name, and you must not have two rows in your spreadsheet with the same Name.
Contact NameMandatoryContact for bookings and invoices.  

If Name is a person, it is likely Contact Name will be the same.

You are allowed to use the same Contact Name for more than one Customer (after all, some people run many groups!)
CategoryOptionalThe name of the Category you want to associate with this customer. It must exactly match the name in the Customer Categories table. (e.g. Personal)
EmailOptionalMust be an email address.
Address Line 1Optional
Address Line 2Optional
Do Not InvoiceOptionalMust have the values TRUE (if you will not be invoicing this customer) or FALSE (meaning that you do charge this customer).

If you do not provide a value for Do Not Invoice, it defaults to FALSE.
Invoice Contact NameOptionalIf an Invoice Contact Name is given, then invoices will be generated using the invoice contact details given in the Invoice Email or Invoice address fields. Otherwise, invoices are generated using the Email or address fields above.
Invoice EmailOptional
Invoice PhoneOptional
Invoice Address Line 1Optional
Invoice Address Line 2Optional
Invoice TownOptional
Invoice CountyOptional
Invoice PostcodeOptional
Invoice CountryOptional
Price ListOptionalThis must be the name of the Price List you use when invoicing the customer.  You must set up your Price Lists before you can use them.

If you do not provide a value for Price List, it defaults to Standard Rates.

If Do Not Invoice is TRUE, you do not need a Price List, as you will not be charging this customer.
CommentsOptionalThis can be used for additional information.

Any additional columns in your spreadsheet, or columns with different heading names, are ignored.

Here is an example spreadsheet containing 3 customers.  This example assumes that an additional Price List called “Residents Discount” has been set up prior to import.

NameContact NameCategoryAddress Line 1Address Line 2TownCountyPostcodeCountryEmailPhoneDo Not InvoiceInvoice Contact NameInvoice EmailInvoice Address Line 1Invoice TownInvoice PostcodePrice ListComments
Art GroupJessica EllisCreativeStudio 525 Elliot GroveKingportNorfolkNR8 2JJUnited Kingdomjellis@example.com01545 21526FALSEStandard RatesThe Art Group uses the main hall and the kitchen.
Tidy Village CampaignSam SmithPolitical/Lobby
Joan PeacockJoan PeacockPersonal6 Church CottagesTavernhamNR8 9JD01545 657895Frank Brownf.brown@example.com23 Acacia GardensTavernhamNR8 7ASResidents Discount

Once you have prepared your spreadsheet, use the Browse button on the Import Customers page to load the spreadsheet then press the Import File button.

If there are any errors in your data, these will be displayed on the screen.  Please go back to your spreadsheet and correct the errors, then try again.

Finally, if you get stuck or you need help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, attaching your data file for their information.